Clarasol Banos

Super shiny bathrooms.

If you want to have a shiny bathroom, safe from viruses and germs, this is the formula you need. It completely removes the stains that dirty the walls, destroying any fungus, leaving the toilet clean and sparkling. Its effective formula disinfects and eliminates 99.9% from viruses, bacteria and fungi.




Disinfection and cleaning of floors, tiles and toilets.
Removes stains from (makeup, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc.)
Eliminates accumulated tartar and prevents its appearance.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Wear gloves to use this product. Turn the atomizer tip to ON or OPEN position, spray the product and wipe with a dry, clean and lint-free cloth, for stubborn stains let the product act for 15 minutes before cleaning, repeat the operation if necessary.

PRECAUTIONS: DO NOT LEAVE THE REACH OF CHILDREN AND PETS. Do not mix with other chemicals that contain acid or ammonia. Avoid prolonged inhalation. Use it in well ventilated areas. It can cause irritation to skin or mucous membranes. If you have sensitive skin wear gloves. In case of accidental ingestion GET MEDICAL HELP immediately. If contact with the eyes occurs, wash with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. Store the container tightly closed, upright and in a cool place. STORE THE PRODUCT AWAY FROM FOODS, IN A SAFE PLACE.

* Eliminates E. coli bacteria. S aureus, A. Brasilienses, S. thypi.

Read the label before using the product